An Alternative to CloudApp

I share a lot of screenshots. And I'll often want to share those images by uploading them to "the cloud" and giving someone the URL. For years, CloudApp was been my weapon of choice for this workflow. It was fast, reliable, free, and I used it all the time without issue.

But a few months ago, CloudApp updated their free pricing tier to only allow 10 file uploads a month. Which, you know, whatever. They have a good service and need to make money to keep it running. I get it.

But I don't want to pay an ongoing fee to share screenshots with people.

"No problem!" I thought when I first hit this Cloud App free plan limit. "There must be hundreds of apps that do the same thing without charging me every month." 

Turns out, it's been difficult to find an alternative to CloudApp that fits my criteria:

  • Works on OS X
  • No ongoing fee (though I'd be happy to pay an upfront cost)
  • Able to drag images onto a menubar icon to selectively upload to the server
  • Auto-copies a URL for that uploaded image to your clipboard

After a lengthy search, the best alternative that I found was this open source solution by Github user zbuc that uses Imgur as the backend. Even though it wasn't exactly what I needed, the fact that it's open source meant that I was able to make a couple of small changes so that it fits my needs more precisely.

Wow that Adium icon sure is blurry...

Wow that Adium icon sure is blurry...

Now I have this cute little dot sitting in my menubar, ready to devour as many images as I can drag onto it. If you, too, would like a cute little dot in your menubar, feel free to download it for yourself and let me know what you think.

Download Imgur Uploader