Apple Marketing Chief Phil Schiller: 'Never Pluralize Apple Product Names'

Apple executive Phil Schiller gave Apple users a grammar lesson on Twitter yesterday afternoon, explaining that it isn't necessary to pluralize Apple product names. 

Schiller's instructions came after a discussion on pluralizing "iPad Pro" between Andreessen Horowitz partner Benedict Evans and iMore analyst Michael Gartenberg. Evans referred to more than one iPad Pro as "iPads Pro," while Gartenberg said "iPad Pros." 

Schiller clarified that neither approach was correct. The proper way to refer to more than one iPad Pro is to call them "iPad Pro devices." 

Phil is usually such a smart guy, I have to wonder where this is coming from. It sounds so awkward that Phil himself didn't follow this rule in a tweet he posted less than a month ago. 

iPads. iPad Pros. iPad Airs. iPhones. Macbooks. Macbook Pros. Easy peasy.