Apple Music "Users"

A bit of back and forth going on today between The Verge and Apple concerning Apple Music's user retention:

Forty-eight percent of Apple Music users have stopped using the service, while only 11 percent of iOS users have tried the streaming service so far, according to MusicWatch. The music research company conducted a survey of 5,000 US consumers about their usage and knowledge about the service. In a statement to the The Verge, Apple has denied the 48 percent retention rate, stating that 79 percent of users who have signed up for Apple Music are still using the service.

MusicWatch says 52% Apple Music retention, Apple says 79%. How much of this difference can be chalked up to Apple Music's tendency to auto-play after pairing with a bluetooth device - even if the user hasn't opened the Music app in a month?

I've "stopped" using Apple Music in favor of Spotify, which is how I'd respond in a survey. But last week I tested out Siri + Apple Music functionality by saying "Hey Siri, play some Mitch Hedberg" so I'm guessing that Apple would count me among the 78% of "active" users. I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one in this boat.