Binge v1.2

Version 1.2 of Binge is out today. Here's what's new!

New & On Deck

Previous versions of Binge had a section at the top of the user's Movies and TV Shows called "Recent" that would attempt to float content they were most likely to want to watch to the top of their list. However, users have been confused about how things were determined to be "Recent" and sad that Binge didn't include Plex's "On Deck" functionality.

With v1.2, "Recent" is now "New & On Deck". The new title should be a lot more clear to users, and behind the scenes I'm relying a lot more on Plex's On Deck algorithms. If a Movie or TV Show has been added or viewed in the past month, it's considered "New & On Deck". Of course, only unwatched content shows up in this section.

Section Index Updates

On iOS, if you have a tableview of content, you can choose to display a letter index down the right side of the screen to let the user jump to an area of content quickly. As far as I can tell, this functionality has not yet been extended to Apple TV. So I had to write it myself.

With v1.2 of Binge, there's now a ★ icon at the top of the section index, so that users can quickly get back to the New & On Deck section of the app if they've scrolled to the bottom of a list.

Additionally, with previous versions of Binge, the first letter to be focused in the section list would always be the letter directly to the right of whatever had been previously focused by the user. Now it smartly focuses the letter that corresponds to the previously focused movie or TV show. So if the user has "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" focused, then moves to the Section Index, the letter "C" will be focused for them.