Binge v1.4

Binge v1.4 is now live! Get it while it's hot.

This is probably the most significant update that I've made while developing Binge. There's a bunch of bug fixes and usability tweaks, but the feature that people are going to care about the most is support for shared libraries.

Combined, Shared Library Support

Now you can see movies and TV shows that other Plex users have shared with you. But unlike other Plex apps where you can only view one library at a time, Binge lets you see your friends' content right mixed in with your own.

Selecting the libraries that you'd like to see is easy to toggle, and can be found in the sort panel (now located by swiping to the left side of the screen).

Movies that are from a shared library have an icon next to their name in the list, making it clear that they're from a library other than your own.

I haven't seen combined shared library support done in this way in ANY other Plex app, and I'm really excited about it.