El Capitan

The latest version of Apple's desktop OS dropped today... with little fanfare. There was no event, and the apple.com homepage remains unchanged. Even Apple's marketing department could come up with little else to say about the release other than it "...improves performance in a bunch of little ways that make a big difference."

I wasn't on the El Cap betas, and after upgrading today I was actually hard pressed to figure out what I should be looking at that was different. I shook the mouse to make the cursor grow, put a couple of apps into full screen mode to see how I liked it (I didn't), and... that was about it.

So far my favorite feature is the ability to hide the menu bar (which goes nicely with a hidden dock), and I'm not even 100% sure I'm going to stick with it being that way. Things seem fast, and I'm trying Safari as my default browser again until something annoys me enough that I switch back to Chrome.

This is what we wanted, right? For Apple to slow down, and focus on quality instead of trying to revolutionize everything every year? Well, nobody can accuse Apple of biting off more than they can chew with El Capitan.