Google Introduces Android Pay

The Verge, writing about the (IMO) most exciting thing announced yesterday at Google's IO Keynote:

Can a new look help to reclaim the momentum from Apple?

What a dumb thing to say. That's the exact wrong attitude to have.

Android Pay is beneficial to iOS users the same way that Apple Pay is beneficial to Android users. We all win when you can easily make NFC payments on your smart phone regardless of which platform you're on.

Android Pay's announcement puts more pressure on retailers to support NFC payments. When we can walk into a store and expect them to allow us to pay with our smart phone the same way that we expect stores to accept credit card payments today, then we all win. 

Android and Apple pay are more secure and more convenient than any other method of payment that exists today. The sooner that we get to a future where both are ubiquitous, the better.