A pleasantly surprising announcement from Marco Arment today:

Today, I’m launching my own iOS 9 content blocker, called Peace, to bring peace, quiet, privacy, and — as a nice side benefit — ludicrous speed to iOS web browsing.

There are a lot of content blockers being released today, but Peace strikes the best balance I’ve seen of effectiveness, compatibility, simplicity, and speed, powered by what I’ve found to be the best database in the business after months of testing. And it’s just $2.99.

For the time being, this is my iOS 9 content blocker of choice. Marco is good people, and I've been using Ghostery (which this blocker uses for its database of shit to block) on Chrome for a few weeks now with good results.

As a side note, I wonder how much extra traffic The Verge is getting today just from people testing out their new iOS 9 content blockers.