Picker UI Testing Added to Xcode Beta

Good to see this in the latest Xcode release notes:

Not being able to select a particular picker option was becoming a big hurdle for me with my UI Tests. It was such a glaring omission that I didn't even spend any time trying to figure out a workaround because I figured this update had to be in the works.

I've got a couple dozen lines like this in my tests that I'm looking forward to replacing tomorrow:

[app.pickers.pickerWheels[@"1 of 13"] swipeUp];
[app.pickers.pickerWheels[@"1 of 32"] swipeUp];
[app.pickers.pickerWheels[@"1 of 112"] swipeUp];

Test coverage for my current project sits at about 70%. This update should get me up around 90%. Hopefully an automated way of granting location/contact permission is coming soon, otherwise that is going to be my ceiling.