Searching for a good reason to remove the headphone jack

If you didn't listen to Upgrade #95, Jason Snell has written up a very nice overview of why he doesn't want Apple to remove the headphone jack from the next iPhone. I don't agree with him for the most part, except for this bit at the end:

The last week or so I’ve been a participant in a free-flowing Twitter conversation about what Apple would do if it removed the headphone jack from the iPhone. Here’s my best guess:

In the box, Apple would include a pair of Lightning-based EarPods. (...)

Separately, for something like $99, Apple might sell a set of wireless EarPods, perhaps called AirPods. A cap on the back of one of the earbuds will pop off, revealing a male Lightning connector. Plugging the AirPods into the iPhone will pair the devices; a minute of charge will provide a few hours of play time. (...)

That sounds about right to me.