The Best Car in the World

I think Gear Patrol likes the Tesla P85D:

You can’t beat the track-ready handling of a Ferrari, the low-slung ferocity and menacing roar of a Lamborghini, the ethereal grace of a Rolls, the technical wizardry of a Merc, or even the hyper-alert vigilance of the latest safety-stacked Volvo. They all make amazing cars, but Tesla has something going for it that not a single one of them can truly claim: it is a tangible slice of the future. Its design remains the sleekest and most timeless of any car on the road, its forward-thinking eco-benefits are now beyond argument, and its power, particularly in this model, renowned. Though many cars try to be many things, they check off boxes at different levels: luxury, power, performance, handling, etc. Model S simply checks them all off higher.

Still saving my pennies...