Two Months with an iPhone

I'm not the type to begrudge anybody based off of their cell phone choices. If you prefer an Android phone to other phones on the market for any reason, then that's great for you. The world would would be a better place if we would stop getting offended when people have different tastes.

However, this bit stood out to me, since multiple Android users have given me shit about being excited about Apple Pay when it's "something Android has been doing for years."

And Apple Pay. Man; when it was first announced, I snobbishly said Google was there first with Google Wallet. And I’m right of-course. It’s a sin that it took iOS this long to get NFC support, and a bigger sin that right now, only Apple Pay works with. That said, let me tell you how I have to use Google Wallet:

Open App -> Put in PIN -> Find Card -> Open Card -> Hold Phone to Reader

Here’s how Apple Pay Works:

Hold Phone to reader with thumb on Touch ID

That’s it. I don’t have to open any app. I just have to hold my phone to a reader. This is the way it should be.

Implementing a feature and implementing it in a usable way are two completely different things.