"Your music"

A lot of people are getting upset at Apple for messing with their music. Jim Dalrymple thought that Apple had lost all of his music. Kirk McElhearn thought that Apple Music matched files using metadata instead of acoustic fingerprinting. And Marco Arment's been retweeting people all day complaining about Apple Music messing up their library.

All these guys are streets behind. They need to let go of the concept that there is music that is "theirs."

I spent the better part of my college years amassing (*ahem*) my collection of MP3s. I spent hours and hours ripping music from CDs, organizing gigabytes of songs, tagging them properly, giving them the correct album artwork... but as soon as I started using Spotify, a switch flipped in my head and I could clearly see that streaming was the future of music. 

Let the companies be the ones that worry about gathering up the largest music collection that they can. Let them organize it all and take care of backing everything up. And let them write software that gives us a window into all this music that is easy to use.

And give us a way to tag songs that we want to listen to at a later date. So that we can consider them "ours."