Apple AirPods: First Impressions

Having no wires at all is as amazing as I thought it would be.

The sound they make when connecting is really satisfying.

I changed the double tap gesture from activating Siri to "play/pause" and don’t think I’ll ever go back.

So far I don't miss not having volume controls.

People say they look like earrings (which I assume they mean as a pejorative?), but I think they look really stylish.

Switching between different devices playing through the AirPods is a breeze. I was going between 2 laptops and an iPhone all day with no issue.

The range is excellent. I’ve been able to walk 20 feet away from my computer/phone before the signal dropped. 

Initial pairing to devices wasn't super obvious. I spent a while opening the Tic Tac container and holding it up to my laptop before I figured out I had to use the Bluetooth menu.

They haven't fallen out of my ears once.

I have no plans to take them running. I have some $20 over ear wireless headphones for that.

Quality and latency fall off a cliff when using them for for video conferencing. Which makes sense, I suppose, but is still disappointing.